Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club

TLCC is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington.
Address: TLCC c/o Todd Hughes, 1910 East 4th Ave #41, Olympia, WA 98506.
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ANA 29685; Revised 20 November 2002

These Bylaws and Club Policies were replaced by the current (Dec. 2018) Bylaws and Procedures/Policies, and are retained for historical purposes.

Article I


Sec.1 The name of the club is "Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club," as incorporated with the State of Washington in February 1988.

Article II

Object and Purpose

Sec. 1 The purpose of this club is to promote interest in numismatics, through a sound program of education and fellowship, as a non-profit association.

Article III

Membership, Eligibility and Privileges

Sec. 1 The Club consists of Life, Regular and Junior Members.

Sec. 2 Life and Junior Members are considered as Regular Members and may hold office and vote. Juniors under 15 may not vote or hold office. All members may participate in all Club activities equally, except as noted above.

Sec. 3 Life memberships can only be awarded by the Board for meritorious service.

Sec. 4 Any individual, 18 years of age or older, is eligible for Regular membership.

Sec. 5 Any individual, under 18 years of age, is eligible for Junior membership.

Sec. 6 Applications for membership, with the advance dues, will be submitted to the Treasurer, and will be read at two regular meetings. If there are no objections by the second reading, membership is automatic.

Sec. 7 Any member may call for a secret ballot on applicants. A unanimous vote is necessary for acceptance with the exclusion of two no votes. If denied, the applicants advance dues will be returned and he or she may reapply after one year.

Sec. 8 The dues are as follows:

  • Life membership - No dues required
  • Regular membership $8.00 per year
  • Junior membership $2.00 per year

Sec. 9 Memberships are not transferable.

Article IV

Resignation, Suspension and Reinstatement

Sec. 1 Dues are payable to the Treasurer at the first meeting in January. Members who fail to pay their dues by March 1st are suspended and their names will be dropped from the membership rolls without further notice. Any member who has resigned or was suspended for nonpayment of dues may be reinstated upon payment of current dues and will receive his or her original membership number.

Article V

Officers and their Duties

Sec. 1 The elected officers of the Club are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Curator and four Directors.

Sec. 2 The President has general supervision over all Club functions. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Preside at all meetings of the Club.
  • Appoint the auctioneer and all committees as needed.
  • Fill by temporary appointment any vacancy in elective office until the Board elects a successor.
  • Make a call for nominations of officers in November.

Sec. 3 The duties of Vice President are to:

  • Act in the Presidents place in case of absence
  • Be responsible for monthly programs
  • Act as chairperson of the education committee.

Sec. 4 The duties of Secretary are to:

  • Keep a true record of all Club functions; preserve all documents pertaining to the office and take action on all correspondence as directed by the Board.
  • Keep a true record of all business proceedings.
  • Keep an up-to-date membership roster.
  • Make a monthly report of minutes at business meetings.

Sec. 5 The duties of Treasurer are to:

  • Receive all monies of the Club from any source.
  • Make disbursements on checks countersigned by the President and maintain a petty cash fund of $20.00 for small transactions, with receipts required.
  • Receive membership applications and forward them to the Board.
  • Prepare a monthly report and yearly audit account to be read at business meetings.

Sec. 6 The duties of Curator are to:

  • Maintain all Club property other than the library, secretarial papers and the Club memorabilia collection.
  • Purchase coins and other items from the proceeds of raffles, bingo or from funds allocated by the Board.
  • Conduct all events where prizes are given.

Sec. 7 The duties of Librarian are to:

  • Keep all Library material in good order.
  • Keep an up-to-date catalog of such material.
  • Afford Club members access and loan of such material.

Sec. 8 The duties of News Editor are to:

  • Publish and mail the monthly newsletter to all members and invited guests.

Sec. 9 The Board of Directors consists of the elected officers of the Club. The Board has power to act on all Club business, including but not limited to:

  • Elect members to fill vacancies on the Board until the next regular election.
  • Decide on time, place and budget of coin conventions.
  • Disposition of formal charges against a member.
  • Supervise activities of Junior members at other than regular Club meetings and set the times and places for such activities.
  • Appoint an ANA member as ANA representative and appoint a Librarian and News Editor.
  • Decide which Club property is surplus and decide the method of disposal. If sold, proceeds go into the general fund.
  • Audit the Treasurer and Curator yearly in January.
  • Maintain a safe deposit box for Club valuables as needed.

Sec. 10 Five Board members constitute a quorum. With a quorum present, a simple majority of Club members present at a business meeting is necessary for passage of any resolution. In the event of any urgent business, telephonic or email approval by five Board members is necessary to act.

Article VI

Fiscal Year and Elections

Sec. 1 The fiscal years starts the 1st of January.

Sec. 2 Elected officers will serve two years with two Directors rotating yearly.

Sec. 3 Nominations of officers will be made in November and December at a regular meeting.

  • Nominations will only be made from the floor.
  • Election will be by secret ballot in December and will be decided by a simple majority of members present.

Article VII


Sec. 1 All business, except elections and new members, will be conducted at business meetings, which are open to all members. Members present may vote, but may not otherwise participate unless called upon by the President.

Sec. 2 Proposed amendments to the Bylaws will be read at two consecutive business meetings of the Club. Two-thirds approval of members present at the second meeting is necessary for passage.

Sec. 3 Club Policies and auction rules, as set by the Board, will be stated separately from these Bylaws.

Sec. 4 All members will receive a copy of the Bylaws, Club Policies and Auction Rules.

Sec. 5 The Club will maintain liability insurance for all Club meetings and coin conventions in an amount set by the Board.

Sec. 6 In the event of dissolution of the Club, all properties of the Club will be donated to the Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma branch, as per the articles of incorporation. In the event of a merger with another club, all assets will be transferred to the new parent club. No individual shall benefit financially from such dissolution or merger.

This revision of the Bylaws, Club Policies and Auction Rules was prepared by: Norman Mikat.


1. Bourse Participation

  1. The right to purchase table space at a show is a privilege to be conferred by the show chairman. The preceding sentence is included on the bourse application.

  2. At regular meetings, members may operate bourse tables on a space available basis. Non-members need permission.

  3. The Club is not responsible for losses incurred by bourse dealers at either function.

  4. All transactions are between the buyer and seller and the Club in not liable.

2. Raffles and Bingo

  1. Raffles are held at regular meetings, for prizes supplied by the Curator. Tickets sold for this purpose is three for $1.00.
  2. Membership prizes are given at no charge, by a drawing.
  3. Bingo may sometimes be played at regular meetings. Cards are $1.00 or 3 /$2.00.

3. Club Property

Upon receipt of written application, Club property may be loaned or rented to members or non-members by action of the Board. The borrower or renter is responsible for returning said items in good condition or replacing them. A deposit may be required.

4. Past Presidents

Upon a President leaving office, a suitable plaque will be awarded as decided on by the Board and a small tab will be added to the Clubs Presidents stand.

5. Stipends

At the option of the Board, deserving members may be given a stipend, up to $500.00, with which they may attend designated conventions or seminars as the Club representative.


  1. An auction table is provided and established by the Club. The auctioneer checks the items to be auctioned.

  2. Items for auction may be placed on the table anytime prior to beginning the auction.

  3. The auctioneer will note if discrepancies arise regarding any lot. His or her opinion will be final. If the auctioneer and the party submitting the item canít agree on the condition or attribution of the item, it may be removed from the auction by either party or placed on the bidding table with the auctioneer decreeing the discrepancy.

  4. There is no auction fee.

  5. Items placed on auction must comply with the following conditions.

    1. Only members are eligible to offer auction material.

    2. The number of lots may be limited at the discretion of the auctioneer.

    3. Items, other than books or the like, must be housed in a holder, container or folder

    4. Auction slips must contain the name of seller, membership number, description of item, grade or condition and amount of minimum bid if any.

    5. It is the sellerís responsibility to insure all information is placed on the slips.

  6. Bidding conditions.

    1. Minimum bid means there is a price, set by the seller, below which the item canít be sold.

    2. Passed lot means there were no acceptable bids on the item.

  7. The buyer is responsible for checking auction items. When the auctioneer closes the bidding and declares the item sold, it is just thatóthe item then belongs to the buyer, who must honor his or her bid. The auction is merely an instrument to serve both parties, and the Club has no responsibility in the transaction.

  8. Each lot must have a minimum value of $5.00.