Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club

TLCC is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington.
Address: TLCC c/o Todd Hughes, 1910 East 4th Ave #41, Olympia, WA 98506.
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TLCC Numismatic Exhibits: September 2008 meeting

Sample display items from the September 2008 TLCC regular meeting:
(Click on small images for a larger version.)

Left: Rick Schulz presented "All I know on the topic of two cent pieces."
Right: Ken Fialkowski conducts the auction. (OK, this isn't really a "show & tell," but rather a "show & sell.")

An ancient coin.

Left: Old Town Trolley Tours "Vacation Decision Maker."
Right: Seattle Seahawks Booster Club "12th Man" medallion.

Left: Australian $1 commemorative banknote (1980's?)
Right: Series 2003A $1 bill with blue serial number and Treasury seal.
(What's going on here did someone tamper with the usual green seal?)