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TLCC is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington.
Address: TLCC c/o Todd Hughes, 1910 East 4th Ave #41, Olympia, WA 98506.
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TLCC Numismatic Exhibits: May 2007 meeting

Sample display items from the May 2007 TLCC regular meeting:
(Click on small images for a larger version.)

Left: 2001-2006 September 11 5th Anniversary Medal.
Right: Gregorian Calendar Medal.

Left: 1794 Large Cent.
Center: 1883 NO CENTS "Racketeer Nickel."
Right: Plated Maria Theresa Thaler.

Left: Clipped 1854 Bank of Upper Canada token.
Center/Right: Canadian dimes (1871, 1902-H, 1921) certified by PCGS.

Left: Silver Certificate replica in silver foil.
Center: 2001 $5 Gold American Eagle.
Right: 2007 George Washington presidential dollar coin cover issued by U.S. Mint.

Top: Iraqi 10000 dinars banknote with serial number printing error,
and Saddam on the face of the note!
Bottom: 5 Rupees banknote (Thailand?) featuring yaks on the back.

Left: April 3, 2007 Mariners Salute to Armed Forces Night commemorative medallion.
Right: 2001 Salt Spring Island Dollars Limited Edition Collector's Set.

Left: Nagurno-Karabahk 25,000 drams fantasy coin.
Right: 1971 "Private Treasury" silver coin of William and Jennie Ravell.