Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club

The TLCC Memorabilia Catalog

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M-9 Tacoma Coin Club first logo.
Large size (13 inch) color artwork on cardboard with string attached.
M-10 Large size (8 inch) artwork in plaster for U.S. Washington Quarter Bicentennial reverse design competition (prior to 1975-1976 issue). Prepared by Chris Gripor, presumably a member of the TCC and/or the LCCC. Sample quarter of the selected "drummer boy" design attached to back with tape.
M-11a,b Tacoma Coin Club rubber stamps.
a. BALLOT / TACOMA COIN CLUB / PEOPLES CHOICE / DISPLAY # ____ (1-1/8 D x 1 H x 1 L inches)
b. PAY TO THE ORDER OF / 26th and PROCTOR BRANCH / PUGET SOUND NATIONAL BANK / TACOMA COIN CLUB (also includes account number) (1 D x 1 H x 2 L inches)
M-12 Coin collector medal with encased German 1 pfennig coin presented to Tacoma Coin Club by George Salter upon leaving in 1966 to move to Florida.